Pursuing your health and fitness goals with AMP Fitness Training is 100% proven to deliver consistent, predictable and reproducible results. That’s not just some kind of sales or marketing hype, it’s a promise, a genuine commitment on our part to delivering both amazing results AND an amazing experience that’s backed up by our comprehensive money-back guarantees that remove all of the risk from our members and place it where it SHOULD be… on OUR shoulders.

Based upon our study, experimentation and fine-tuning, we systematically address literally every area that contributes to helping you to look, feel and perform at your very best. From our brilliant tailor made nutrition plans to our personalized exercise programs to hormonal rebalancing to in-depth life-coaching and motivational strategies, we’ve got it covered so that you never have to worry about whether or not your investment of time, effort and money will deliver the results you’re seeking. They will. Every time. It’s this no-stone-unturned, no-detail-too-small approach to creating your unique journey to reinvention that guarantees that once you start working with us the results, and your reinvention, will never stop.



When we talk about Re-Inventing yourself we don’t just mean working out a bit more and eating a bit less than you normally do. Yes, the physical side of what we do and what we help you to accomplish is important to us but it’s just a part of what we deem to be Re-Invention here at AMP Fitness Training. For us, Re-invention is about helping our members to work toward accomplishing the greatest version of themselves that they hold in their hearts and minds if they really and truly committed their entire energy to becoming it. Yes, that includes appearance and looking great but that’s just a tiny part of the ‘big picture’ we help our members work on creating while they’re under our care. We’re also committed to helping our members to identify, create and become more passionate, more purposeful, more motivated and more inspired about life! If that sound a little outside of the scope of practice for your average personal trainer, you’re right, but then, we never set out to be average in the first place. We’re not just about eating less and moving more. We’re about helping our members to address each and every ‘brake’ that’s present in their lives and slowing them down from getting to where they want to go and becoming who they most want to be. So if those brakes include a lack of purpose, passion and personal power then that’s what we work on. If they include loss of focus and direction then we work on that too. And if they include issues with relationships, careers or, well, anything that is preventing the accomplishment of greatest versions of themselves then we’re there. So no, we’re not your average trainers, we’re committed to being so much more than that. We’re about the extra-ordinary because we want YOU to accomplish the extraordinary by working with us. It’s more than most people bargain for when they work with a personal trainer but, in truth, training is only a tiny part of what we do. We’re coaches, first and foremost and our job is to help you win… and we take that seriously.

Most personal trainers won’t promise results because they’re worried about what will happen if they fail to deliver. That thought never crosses our mind because we don’t leave anything about your Re-Invention to chance. So leave your doubt at the door, your results are either guaranteed or they’re free. That’s our promise to you… and we WANT you to hold  us to it.

Note: if you’re shopping around other personal training companies right now, ask them if they’ll guarantee your results. If not, then consider this. Any situation where your trainer gets paid regardless of whether you achieve what you set out to achieve or not is a very bad deal for you. Just saying


Here’s the deal. If we can’t deliver you an amazing Re-Invention experience while you’re under our care, we don’t want your money. It’s that simple. That’s why pretty much all of our introductory services and programs come with a money-back guarantee that puts the risk squarely on OUR shoulders, forcing us to make good on our promises to you and ensuring that we’re not just full of hype and hot air.

  • If we promise you’ll Drop A Size in 21 days you will…
    or you’ll get ALL your money back.
  • If we promise you’ll Lose 6-8LBS in 30 days you will…
    or you’ll get back EVERY PENNY you’ve spent